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Athena Celebration
diva Mimi kicked off our fourth event ever at the Athena Celebration, held at Indiana Downs.  The event turned out to be another GREAT success!  Mimi had set goals for the show in order to justify the expense and we're happy to say we met & exceeded those goals by 30%!!!
You might see us out there again next year!!
Kindly enough, many women approached our booth wanting to setup parties for their friends and family.  Let us know if you're interested in hosting one at your house as well.  On top of bringing all of our unique products to your door, it's also a great way to receive free merchandise!  Not sure how to get started?  It's easy, just tell us about it here!
We passed out a ton of buisness cards & were swarmed (*blush*) with compliments on a lot of our custom/original products... like our Cat Ear Bows, New Turkey Bows, Custom Tutus, Custom Leg Warmers and New Holiday Tophats.  Look below to see all the rave from the show and if you came out thanks for stopping by!!
Check Out the New Apron!
Wing Booth - Center
Booth - Right Side
Tutus, Leg Warmers & Spirit Bows...Oh My!!!
Wing Booth - 100% View
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