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Team Spirit
diva Mimi items may or may not currently be available for purchase.  If that is the case we'll be sure to let you know when we receive your form.  If by chance items are not currently available due to discontinued inventory, we will make some suggestions. Mimi will go as far as she can to get it as close to the original as possible or better.
If you see something that inspires you, would like to have it duplicated, but with a twist, we'll look into availability.  Use the number located directly under the photo (Example: G1003) and describe for us your needs when you fill out our form

#G11000 - $7.00 (pair)
Blue Bowties w/ Gem ($4.00 indv)
#G11001 - $4.00
White Bowtie w/ Gem ($7.00 pair)
#G11002 - $6.00
Large Double Tails w/ Resin
#G11003 - $7.00 (pair)
Large Zebra Bowties w/ Gem $4.00 (pair)
#G11004 - $6.00
Double Tails w/ Resin
#G11005 - $7.00
Merry Go Round w/ Gem
#G11006 -$4.00
Baby Tails
#G11007 - $5.00
Double Loop w/ No Center Piece
#G11008 - $4.00
Double Bowtie w/ Bottlecap
#G11009 - $9.00 (pair)
Spirit Sprays w/ Bottlecap $5.00 (indv)
#G11010 - $6.00
Large Pinwheel w/ Bottlecap
#G11011 - $9.00
Spirit Sprays w/ Bling $5.00 (indv)
#G11012 - $7.00
Medium Double Surround w/ Bottlecap
#G11013 - $7.00
Medium Double Surround w/ Bottlecap
#G11014 - $8.00
Large Double Surround w/ Bottlecap
#G11015 - $7.00
Merry Go Round w/ Bottlecap
#G11016 - $4.00 (indv)
Double Bowtie w/ Bottlecap $7.00 (pair)
#G11017 - $7.00
 Team Spirt Diva Poof
#G11018 - $7.00
Team Spirit Diva Poof
#G11019 - $7.00
Team Spirit Diva Poof
#G11020 - $7.00
Team Spirit Diva Poof
#G11021 - $7.00
Team Spirit Diva Poof